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Adept I

AMD Software full of bugs, now for multiple years

Hello everyone.

I feel like an idiot right now, so maybe someone can assist me in this case.


I'm running AMD-Components for years now. AMD-CPU's (Currently the Ryzen 5 3600) as well as GPU's (Currently the RX-6600XT), and i was always more than happy with what i got from the Hardware. But there was always one thing that made me so angry that i almost made the switch to NVIDIA.

Why is the AMD-Software still so full of Bugs? I mean, you cannot tell me it's a thing only i experience. For years. On more than 10 Reinstalled and different Operating-Systems.

Here are some of the Bugs i experience almost every day:

- The Hotkeys are randomly turning on again. They override all of my Game/Application-Hotkeys, which is why i turned them off. Stop turning them on again, i don't need them.

- The Software straight up won't open. Even after completely rebooting my System multiple times, or reinstalling the Software.

Force-Closing it in the Task-Manager to restart it won't work either, i can't even stop it, as it seems to re-enable itself after the task is ended. Cool.

- The Software will eventually open (1 of maybe 20 try's), but will remain in a fully-transparent windows 7-ish style, where i can only see the borders and the top-bar with the close,minimize,maximize buttons.

- It's laggy as **bleep**. Like really laggy. I don't have a completely high-end setup, but even my hardware above shouldn't have problems like these.

- Sometimes it even randomly crashes (together with the drivers of course), causing my currently launched fullscreen-application (no matter which one it is) to get stuck in its current state, which leaves me unable to tab-out or open the task-manager, which means i need to hard-reset my whole pc.


Can someone please tell me i'm not alone with all those problems? I had that problems for years, on multiple setups. I love the hardware itself, as especially the GPU is a big livesaver in games like Warzone, where NVIDIA-GPU's seem to suck, even tho the game has native DLSS Support.


EDIT: I may add, yes i contacted support. multiple times. all they have to say is "Reinstall the Drivers, Restart your PC" and similar botlike answers.

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Adept II

Im on the same boat


I've had driver issues with both.

I do think that my time with Nvidia has been less problematic, but I'd attribute that purely to me using older hardware until last year.

I've had an rx580, a 1050ti, a 2070s, and now a 6900xt. I had zero driver issues with either of the first three, but many with the 6900xt. imo this can be purely attributed to being on "the bleeding edge"

14900k • Z790 Apex Encore • 4090 • 2x24Gb-8000 • 1200 Corsair Shift • 420mm Arctic II Push-Pull • Noctua • Fractal Torrent •

It's so weird, because i've always had these issues on all these hardware. I've had a Radeon HD 8490, an RX580, and now my 6600XT.

As Operating Systems i tried Windows 8, Windows 10, Now Windows 11, and i always experienced these issues, no matter what gpu, or which OS.

I'd love to use the Features the Software give me, like changing game-color-settings, using RSR, using the clip-recording, but none of these work if the software is buggy as **bleep**.

I'm in the same boat, I desperately want to use the software features -- for me it's HDR/Noise suppression -- but I'm not willing to compromise on stability. I do hope that AMD manages to get things under control soon for their next WHQL version, because chances are I'm staying on it for a very long time.

14900k • Z790 Apex Encore • 4090 • 2x24Gb-8000 • 1200 Corsair Shift • 420mm Arctic II Push-Pull • Noctua • Fractal Torrent •
Adept III

i get the feeling sometimes its more the game/program running. for me i get a grey screen driver crash requiring a reboot. ONLY happens in League of Legends IF i alt tab (makes me think its the game) OR use the volume wheel on my logitech g915 keyboard (makes me think the game + overlays) either way it is only in LoL i get a crash

I'd partially agree.  Some apps will cause issues.  Some versions of Unreal Engine 4 crash on AMD based cards with driver resets.  This was resolved in a later version of UE4, but some games never got patched to that level.


HOWEVER, I have had to roll my drivers back to a version from 2020 as the newest ones are causing CONSTANT issues with "timeouts" from windows.  The drivers have become VERY unstable for me.  Since rolling back, I've had ZERO ISSUES.  SO much for ensuring your drivers are up to date eh?  And there's ZERO WAY to contact AMD about this issue past the bug reporting tool, which seems to go into a black hole

I know this reply will sound very 'bot-like', have you made sure your system is up to date as much as possible, in regards to chipset, audio, network, windows updates, etc? 

Alot of issues can be caused by out of date drivers, not neccesarily specific to graphics drivers. Be sure to use your motherboard manufcaturers website to update your drivers, AMD/Intel website for chipset drivers as they will be the most compatible for your motherboard.

If your system is as up to date as possible, you may have a corrupted OS installation, you may need to run System File Checker  to try and rectify the issue, in rare cases you may need a completely fresh OS installation.

Multiple issues can also be caused by seemingly stable overclocks on cpu, ram, gpu core, gpu ram. The overclock may seem completely stable yet just the way the application utilizes the particular part of the system means the overclock is too close to limit.

As an example I spent almost a week fine tuning my overclocks to be stable, even then I had Star Citizen dislike my RAM oc which had the game micro-stutter and a very occasionally crash. Every other game and application had no issue with the oc, even when putting 100% load on all components in a stability torture test (Which is also great for thermal testing, as Summer here can get to 40+ degrees celcius, with ambient room temperatures climbing towards 30+)

Out of curiosity, had you installed using Display Driver Uninstall (DDU) 

If not, there is a Guide available so you can get a better understanding of the software and how to best use it.

Years ago, when I had a r9 290x there was one problematic driver version which gave me very similar issues. From what I could gather at the time, it came down to the included installer not removing older drivers properly which were in turn conflicting with the newer drivers after installation.

Since using DDU, I've never had an issue unless it was application specific or the known issues for the specific driver version.

To note: When reporting an issue via forums, steps to repeat the issue as well as any steps taken in an attempt to fix the issue can help alot for others to try and assist/replicate. Also, one should always try to provide more complete system specs, such as my system specs below:

rx5600 @3.85Ghz @1.335v

MSI twin Frozer HS

MSI B550 Tomahawk

32GB G.Skill Ripjaws V (8x4GB) @ 3800Mhz, main and sub-timings tuned @ 1.45v

rx 6700xt 16GB - stock clocks and voltages

512GB SSD - OS and programs

1TB SSD - Games

2TB HDD - Storage, old games.

Windows 10 64 bit

Like i said before, i have had these Issues over years on completely different and reinstalled Operating Systems. First thing i installed was the Drivers and Software, and it had these Issues. And yes, here are my specs:

Ryzen 5 3600 Non-OC

Radeon RX-6600XT Non-OC

Biostar A32M2 (May seem a bit old, but even that shouldn't cause that kind of issues over years)

16GB GSkill AEGIS @ 3000mhz (even at the stock settings it doesn't change anything.)

512GB m.2-ssd for games and OS

2x1TB HDD - One for Big Games, One for my development projects.

Windows 11 64 Bit (as said, same problems on win10, win8, and even on custom operating systems like ReviOS and similar.)

And yes, i've run DDU with my old RX580,  rebooted, and after the reboot installed the clean RX6600XT Drivers.

Adept II

Yup happen to me but only in game for like 10 to 20mins play then crash. I ve got solution after disabling Crash Defender service in msconfig. Might be conflict with windows systemidk. Turn off fast startup also help keep rad soft setting. Have u tried to install os in0 another drive.