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Journeyman III

AMD software doesn't recognize hardware

Picked up a Radeon RX 5700.  Trying to install Adrenaline 19.8.1 on fully updated windows 7 and its saying it cannot detect the hardware.  It is displaying however, have HDMI plugged into graphics card and its getting a display. 

PC is an alienware aurora R4.  

Updated BIOS/chipset.

Fully uninstalled all previous drivers in safe mode with DDU.

Ran software in compat mode for win7

Its an old computer, could it be the motherboard is not compatible?  Also worried about using windows 7 but AMD offers win7 software so I assume it would be okay. 


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Could be an issue with the age of your system. While I know they say they support 7 it is a dead OS in January so that level of support may not be what you and I consider true support. Plus there are issues with these new cards pretty much regardless of OS and Hardware. Just unfortunately new hardware with apparently immature drivers. I would make sure you have the latest bios installed on your motherboard. That can make a difference in many cases. You can ask AMD support for help to at this link: Online Service Request | AMD