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Journeyman III

AMD Software Adreneline does not save settings when clicking Apply Changes

Anyone know of a way to save settings in Adreneline?  Every time I reboot my computer, all settings are resetting to defaults.

Steps to reproduce:

Load Adreneline (current version 23.9.1, but same issue on prior version)

Click Performance Tab

Click Tuning sub tab

Under GPU section click Manual Tuning field to set to Custom

Click Fan Tuning to set to Enabled

Click Advanced Control to set to Enabled

Click Fine Uning Controls below the graph to open the controls for fan speeds at different temperatures

Adjust fan speeds as desired for each temp level

Click Apply Changes at top right of Adreneline

Observe that fan speeds adjust and work properly as set.

Reboot PC some time later

Reload Adreneline, and repeat above steps to observe settings did not save and have to be reset every time PC is rebooted

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