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Journeyman III

AMD Software: Adrenalin Version 23.11.1


Recently I received a prompt when loading up Fortnite that my drivers were insufficient. I clicked OK, and it directed me to a drivers update. I updated my driver to the AMD adrenalin 23.11.1 version, and ever since, I have been having trouble. After updating my drivers, my whole computer seemed to run a lot slower. For example, I used to receive around 75 FPS on Fortnite, now I am getting 12-20 FPS. This is making my computer unusable and games unplayable. I have already tried using the AMD Cleanup Utility, placing my computer in safe mode, deleting and then reinstalling the driver. This hasn't had any effect on my computer or the framerate in games. I truly don't know what to do. Could anyone help me? I don't know much about computers, but any help would be truly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Journeyman III

Having the same issue with Fortnite and warzone as well. What's the culprit? Have you fixed it?