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Adept I

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition does not allow third party SW to control fan curves

I would like to use software of my choice to control the fan curves, yet Adrenalin does not allow any other SW to control fan curves but itself despite it sucs at it.

How can I prevent Adrenalin SW from takin over the fan curves and re-setting it the default curve? It cannot even remember my own custom curver over the reset so using fan profile tuning in the app is not an option. I've just bought cyperpunk 2077 and this piese of genial sw leaves fans at 25% despite the core is attacking 90C.

thank you.

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What's your setup?

I am running fan control no probs on win 10 21H2.

I know I did have a conflict with Afterburner. but adrenaline plays nice for me.


Might help to know the Make & Model of your GPU card.

Each OEM GPU card has their own Fan control app which is why I am asking. Plus many 3rd party GPU controlling Apps, in the past, conflicted with Adrenaline Radeon Settings.

If your GPU card Hot Spot is reaching 90c and your GPU fans are only running at 25% of it maximum speed then there definitely something wrong with the Fan controls. At the temperature you fans should all be running close to or at it maximum speeds.


Well, for me Afterburner works. But not Fan Control, as it just isn't able to get control over actual GPU fans for some reason.

Be careful with Afterburner, as fan speed is dependant on hotspot.

So, experience may differ. But by default Adrenalin doesn't interrupt control from Afterburner. Maybe Afterburner just isn't able to talk with fans on your GPU as Fan Control is unable to do with mine?


its one or the other, afterburner will fight fan control and vice versa if you pick one it works better.

Adept I

Its Sapphire pulse 6700XT and no Sapphire SW is deployed.

I have MSI Afterburner - Fan control disabled, now even afterburner is killed.

Desired SW is Fan Control however it keeps reporting that GPU curve has been overridden by external source - Adrenalin


Try running Sapphire Trixx just to see if it has control over the fans instead of Adrenaline from here:

If it causes problems or Adrenaline still over rides the Fan profiles of Trixx then uninstall it.

Note: even though you don't like Trixx this is just to see if it will control the fans or not. Later on if it does control the Fans you can decide to keep it or wait until MSI Afterburner is updated to prevent Adrenaline from taking over Fan controls.

EDIT: I would open a Sapphire Support ticket because your GPU card internal fan control isn't working correctly .

Thanks for the tip. Trixx does not seem to have an option for custom fan profiles.

MSI afterburner is not the fan control I wish to use anyway.

Your are correct even though Trixx webpage does mention about controlling the fans dynamically.

Does your GPU card have 2 BIOS installed? If it does try changing BIOS to the other one. Normally in other GPU Cards one is for Gaming and the other is for Silent running. Maybe yours is set for silent and not gaming.

In the latest version of Trixx you are able to change the BIOS, if applicable, via software.