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Journeyman III

AMD Software adrenalin 23.5.1

So I have a ASUS ROG G15 Advantage edition and the problem start occurring with the new drivers apparently when I found out that there was a newer version of the drivers I make the update, but now I have a really big problem. Its supposed that I downloaded the newest drivers but it appears that the drivers are from 12/5/2023 and when I check in AMD's page it says release date 24/5/2023 so apparently my software isn't doing the job. So I reinstall the drivers from AMD page and also downloaded the "auto-detect" feature but it doesn't work... The new chipset thing about AMD doesn't work and I can't even uninstall it and the AMD adrenalin software keeps saying 12/5/2023 drivers, even some times when I click check for new updates it show a "!".  And now when I check in my windows bar for checking the AMD adrenalin software it doesn't appear, which seems really strange and AMD software now opens randomly sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. What should I do? 

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