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Journeyman III

AMD S7150 Dell VRTX M620 ESXi 6.7

I've installed the S7150 in a Dell VRTX chassis and mapped it to a Dell M620 blade. 

I am able to see AMD Tonga S7150 in the UI of ESXi 6.7. Below is the output when installing the driver:

sh -i amdgpuv-cim-1.00-6.5.0-4598673.vib
Checking environment......
Driver has been already installed
Detected 1 SR-IOV GPU
0000:08:00.0 VGA compatible controller Display controller: AMD Tonga S7150 [vmgfx0]
Start configuration....
Do you plan to use the Radeon Pro Settings vSphere plugin to configure MxGPU? (es/o, default:N)n
Default Mode
Enter the configuration mode(uto/ybrid,default:A)a
Auto Mode Selected
Please enter number of VFs:(default:4): 4
Configuring the GPU...

PCI Hole settings already exist on all eligible VMs.
The configuration needs a reboot to take effect

After rebooting ESXi I do the automatic assignment via:

sh -a

But receive the following:

No Virtual Functions detected. Ensure that GPU's that you want to virtualize are not in Passthrough mode.
Please reboot the system before running "sh -a"

The 4 instances are not showing up in the Windows 10 VM.

Is there a different driver for 6.7? Is there a manual for ESXi 6.7 installs?

I am using the following manual:

SR-IOV is enabled in the Bios of the M620.

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Not familiar with VMware software from Dell, but according to their support site for ESXi 6.7, your Dell M620 is not listed under "Compatible System": VMware ESXi 6.7 | Driver Details | Dell US 

From the same Support page:

EDIT: Since this seems to involve a Server type computer maybe posting your question at AMD SERVER Forum might help you with your issue from here: AMD Server Gurus‌.

Your DELL VRTX M620 has a fairly new BIOS Update plus other new updates in 2019 that you may want to take a look at.: Support for PowerEdge M620 (for PE VRTX) | Drivers & downloads | Dell US 

I did noticed that they did have ESXi v6.5 listed for your computer but not ESXi v6.7. Possibly it hasn't been updated or as mentioned earlier v6.7 may not be compatible with your computer.

From DELL concerning ESXi 6.5 version. You computer is listed as being compatible: VMware ESXi 6.5 U2 | Driver Details | Dell US 


Thanks for the response.

The CPLD and Bios (2.7) are the latest from 2019.

Dell has a factory image for Esxi 6.5, and then I use VMware CLI update to update to 6.7.

Dell stops pushing out new images for esxi when hardware is discontinued.

I am able to access and activate sriov on several other pci devices like mellanox 10gb nics.

I also have a pci raid that is working with the m620.

The logs show sriov is applied but the virtual functions won’t initiate.