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AMD Ryzen Master will NOT install, Windows 11

Have a new HP AIO with a AMD Ryzen 5 5625U CPU. Successfuly downloaded AMD-Ryzen-Master.exe. Also Have AMD Ryzen Master.msi located in C:\AMD\RyzenMasterExtract. I get the error message: A newer version of the application is already installed on this computer. If you wish to install this version, please jninstall the newer version first.

Also an AMD Ryzen Master InstalShield Wizard displays the message "The wizard was interrupted before AMD Ryzen Master could be completely installed. Your system has not benn modified. To complete installation at antother time, please runs setup again. I'm still looking for the solution.

I've done the Regedit thing, the MS Troubleshoot Install/Removal thing and nothing works.
There is NO reference in the Registry for AMD Ryzen Master.
There is NO reference to AMD Ryzen Master in Control Panel > Programs and Features.

BTW I can NOT find any subdirectory with AMD Ryzen Master installed. All I have are the .exe and .msi install files and both produce the same error messages.

What's next? Why is the AMDRM install telling me it's already installed and it's no where to be found on my new computer?

Last thought, if it is installed, how do I find it and run it?

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Ryzen Master is not compatible with both Laptop processors and Windows 11.

Try installing instead Ryzen Controller which is similar to Rzyen Master and compatible with Laptop processors: