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Adept I

AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan causing high disk usage and freezes

Hey everyone, so I've installed the latest chipset drivers for my MSI Bazooka B350M motherboard for my R5 1500x system, and the Ryzen Balanced power state causes intermittent spikes in my SSD's disk activity causing my system to freeze up whenever that happens. The problem does not occur in any of the other power plans.

Like most users, I use my 256gb SSD for the OS (Win10) and a 2TB HDD as storage, with a lot of Windows apps and games stored in the HDD.

I've included a screenshot of the task manager during a particularly prolonged spike/freeze.

My specs are as follows:

MSI Bazooka B350M motherboard

Ryzen 5 1500x (at stock speeds)

12GB DDR4 RAM (at 2400MHz)

RX 480 8GB (stock clocks)

256GB Transcend SSD

2TB Western Digital Green HDD

Thanks in advance.

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Re: AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan causing high disk usage and freezes

I am not sure if this has anything to do with your problem, But MSI Support doesn't show your SSD under compatibility for SSD Hard drives over here: 

Also does your motherboard have the latest BIOS (9/2017) and AMD Chipset ( 8/2017) installed?

Did your previous AMD driver have the same issue or does your SSD work correctly with the older driver?

Do you have MSI Afterburner installed?

Adept I

Re: AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan causing high disk usage and freezes

AMD actually released a new chipset driver in the time that I posted this. I updated the driver and...the problem still persists.

Regarding the list, that's curious. Not a single Transcend SSD is listed. That's a bit worrying.

I've updated the chipset drivers, but I haven't updated my bios. Is there reason to believe that doing so might solve the issue?


Re: AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan causing high disk usage and freezes

A lot of times BIOS updates the motherboard to be more compatible with new hardware and OS. I usually update my Asus motherboard to the latest BIOS. The BIOS sometimes adds new features to run your hardware and makes the system more stable.  I remember once, a person with a laptop posted that his laptop was continually overheating . I mentioned that he had an old BIOS on his laptop. Later he wrote back saying after updating the BIOS on the laptop to the latest, the overheating issue disappeared. Just an example how BIOS can make a difference.

One thing I should mention. On my Asus motherboard, when I updated to the last BIOS before the one I have now, That BIOS would not work on my computer for some reason. It wouldn't get past the start window in Windows. It was a disaster. I uninstalled and reinstalled that particular BIOS three or four times with the same results. Luckily the latest BIOS from Asus works great on my motherboard and computer system. I just mention this that sometimes it can be risky updating the BIOS. If you do it incorrectly, you will have a dead motherboard.

You might want to read about the new AGESA 1006b BIOS update at MSI Forum. Seems some people are having problems with the latest BIOS. Further down you will see that it was working correctly. Here is the link: Problems with 1.91 & 1.8 (agesa 1006b update) Tomahawk B350

This from the BIOS page from MSI concerning the latest BIOS for your motherboard:




Release Date


File Size

8.33 MB


- Improved memory compatibility.
- Update AGESA Code

Journeyman III

Re: AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan causing high disk usage and freezes

AMD power plan is not set up right   go to a different plan  steps:   control panel,power options, click power plan , change advanced power settings , AHCI Link Power management HPIM/DIPM set this  to Active

then PCI Express Link State Power Management set this to off

worked for me  had nothing but grief  , thought SSD drive was failing