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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 7 2700

Im not sure if my mobo supports bluetooth or not.

If it does, how do I install?




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Which of the 1000 motherboards models do you want me to guess you have?

If your motherboard doesn't have the WiFi/Bluetooth integrated on it then you will need to purchase either a Bluetooth/Wifi Dongle (USB) or PCIe Bluetooth/Wifi card to install.

Go to your motherboard Specs  and see if it mentions it has Bluetooth/WiFi on it.



AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor 3.20 GHz.

Now that you mention it I added added a pce ac51 dual band wireless card  last year, forgot about that.

Windows doesnt show bluetooth on the rig. The guide i found said that I needed an AMD bluetooth driver, but I cant find one.




AMD doesn't have any bluetooth drivers.

If you state the motherboard Make & Model I will be able to tell you if you have Bluetooth/WiFi on it.

If you Motherboard has Bluetooth on it,  then if you go to the Motherboard's Support download page, it will have the correct Bluetooth and WiFi driver to install.

Also, just for your information, processor doesn't have Bluetooth built into it. Only the Motherboards or on a separate PCIe card or USB.

A popular Bluetooth/ Wifi is by Intel but there are other Bluetooth manufacturers.

My Asus Motherboard has a built in Bluetooth/WiFi by Intel. So I just need to download Intel drivers for those two features.

EDIT: Not all PCIe cards/USB Dongles uses both Bluetooth and Wifi on the same card or dongle. So you need to see if your WiFi card also has Bluetooth on it.