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Journeyman III

AMD ryzen 5700u in Ubuntu 22.04


I just bought a AX16pro with AMD ryzen 5700u. I installed Ubuntu 22.04 on it but unfortunately the keyboard isn't working.  I tought it would be a great idea to update everything but I don't find the way to install the drivers with the AMDgpu-install 6.060002 folder I downloaded.  Can someone help me to install these please.  Thanks a lot for your time!

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Journeyman III

Hi PSAY, It's not an AMD issue and the drivers will not resolve your issue.

The AX16PRO has a BIOS bug that causes ACPI/MADT to advertise PCAT compatibility. In English, during the boot process the BIOS incorrectly reports support to Linux which causes Linux to stop searching for input devices (because it assumes the BIOS is properly reporting support).


Kernel 6.5.10 should fix the issue (see launchpad bug #2034477).


The fix for you will require you to install Ubuntu 22.04 (using an external keyboard / mouse) and then compile 6.5.10 afterwards.


Hope this helps.