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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen™ 5 3550H on Linux (Debian 10)


I am about to buy a laptop that comes with the processor AMD Ryzen 5 3550H + GPU Radeon Vega 8 (integrated). Since I plan to use it with Linux (Debian 10) I am looking for the technical details to see if it is compatible.

Tried to find the graphics driver (AMD Radeon Vega 8) on the drivers & support area but it is available only for Windows 10.

My question is: Exists an official AMD driver for Linux? If not, do the kernel support this graphics chipset via generic drivers? I mean for games, graphic design, multimedia stuff (video edition, live streaming, etc)? Can you recommend me a tutorial specific for Vega 8 on Linux or one generic tutorial that helps to configure and let work Vega 8 on Linux?

Extra question: The description table of the laptop tech info says that it also has a nVidia GTX 1050 and a post in a public forum has a comment that some laptops have both chipsets, one in the processor and other on the motherboard that can be switched from one to other. Does it affect on Linux or results on undesirable issues?

Thanks in advance for your comments and help

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Journeyman III

AMD do make linux drivers but for their integrated graphics, the support is in the kernel as of version 5.2 (I just installed the latest kernel 5.8). ubuntu should just work out the box, Debian i had to install, then boot added nomodeset to grub2 then update the kernel since the install has 4.8. then it worked fine. still found it didn't run debian all that well though so i ended up switching to ubuntu. and integrated graphics don't work crash hot yet. hell, the and windows drivers barely work for integrated graphics


and on switching graphics. i don't know, my and laptop with them they didn't work at all my GPU was entirely useless and it crashed a lot as well as only one of the drivers for it work correctly, and this was windows. i did get debian to work since it was an older chipset but yet. AMD switching graphics, I've avoided since then

Journeyman III

It didn't work for me completely out of the box (Debian Sid, kernel 5.10) but it works like a charm after installing the package 'firmware-amd-graphics'. Hope this helps someones!


Thank you AMD for making open-source drivers!