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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 3500U. First time AMD/HP user, what next?


I just buy first time HP 15 with AMD Ryzen 3500U, 250 GB NVMe.

Install Windows 10 and Linux Mint.

What next for drivers?

Some people say do nothing, just install Windows?

Others say install just "HP Support Assistent" and that should install also everything for Ryzen?

And others say I need also install "AMD Adrenalin 2020" and AMD Chipset Driver for "Power Balanced Plan"?

Anything else for software?

I don't know that to do?

What about Linux?

Do I need to install anything or Linux kernel have all?

Some people said that kernel 5.7 will get full AMD Ryzen support?

What about Linux, what to do?


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Adept II

I can't comment on Linux as I'm not overly familiar with Ryzen support in the Linux Kernel but on Windows I would install the drivers from HP, that will give you a baseline to see if everything is working correctly. AMD even state that laptop users should use driver from the OEM as those may have customisations for performance that the Adrenalin drivers don't have.

Journeyman III

What kernel works with Ryzen 3500U?

Kernel 5.3.0-53 and 4.15.0-101 does't work. Can not shutdown, wrong resolution, etc.

I need some kernel just to have normal work, no advanced GPU or anything like that.