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Journeyman III

Amd rx vega 64 crossfire last supported 21.5.2

I have 2 power color red devil rx 580 running windows 10 with 22.5.2 crossfire just fine.

My rx vega 64 only runs crossfire on 21.5.2. Also in the notes its the last supported to run on the r9 series and below along with windows 7.

Please fix rx vega crossfire support so I don't need to keep on installing the drivers since window keep updating my driver automatically. 

Any modified driver will do just to keep me updated 

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Journeyman III

Same issue as you. I tested every drivers until find the 21.5.2 run well with my dual vega 64s.

The AMD drivers are really DISASTERs.

I have already filled the support fourm to submit the bug.


Thanks man hope they reply


Crossfire, like SLI is dead.

As Earnhart mentioned Crossfire is considered to be a legacy feature. It has been replaced with AMD MGPU feature.

From AMD concerning MGPU:

AMD MGPU technology harnesses the power of two or more discrete graphics cards working in parallel to dramatically improve performance in games and applications. On systems with AMD MGPU enabled the video output is delivered through the primary GPU and the workload is allocated to all supported GPUs in the setup.



ensure system compatibility with AMD MGPU, please follow these guidelines:

  • AMD MGPU requires AMD Software installed on systems running Windows® 10 or later and display(s) connected to the primary GPU.
  • Use discrete AMD Radeon™ Series Graphics from the same family. Note: AMD Radeon™ VII Graphics does not support AMD MGPU.
  • Ensure the power supply unit (PSU) and motherboard have support for multi-GPU. Check the manufacturer for specifications and compatibility.

Don't see any difference from Radeon VII and Vega 64 other than more memory and higher clock speed. Could try it out with the games I play with crossfire and use the profiles

Journeyman III

I say support for Vega 64 is dead. 

Even the r9 fury x got legacy support 22.6.1 with crossfire

Polaris cards work fine crossfire with the most updated drivers.

Vega series cards seemed abandoned from the start