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Journeyman III

AMD RX 580 Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

I was switching to full screen on an internet video and my screen goes blank for 5-10 seconds.

It happens to be two same errors in this short time of few seconds, both are "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

However, now if I try opening radeon settings, it looks like this....


I just see box pop-up.

However, in Device manager I see it reports AMD driver version 26.20.13031.10003, so seems like its not that driver failed and Windows 10 default driver took over it.

How do I debug this problem?

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Journeyman III

My PSU is riotoro 500W as needed in requirements, Windows 10 system, I have 16GB ram, clock core 1366mhz.

Basically,my computer is just over one month old.

I see also others with this problem.

I also read some people trying to put blame on PSU or motherboard, why all motherboard and psus than make this problem?

There are too many of us and too many different mobos and psus but same amd problem, by any logic it is amd problem, software or hardware. 

In simple words... Fix your things AMD!!!

Stop giving TDR as a solution just to hide problem.



  1. Uninstalled drivers using DDU
  2. Installed newest 19.2.3 version
  3. When I go AMD Settings > Settings > Display > Enable Clone to enable my TV connected with HDMI

- Problem here occurs that on my main display AMD changes from 1920x1080 to 5760x1080 on main display.
Than I try to enable main display as prefered display by toggle switch in radeon settings, and its shows as Display 2, and TV as Display 1, never had idea why is it like this.
So, yeah clicking or toggling prefered display on Display 2 (My main PC monitor) will cause AMD driver to crash and restore with glassed out AMD settings as above and only task manager kill process will allow new opening of amd settings.

Once also BSOD occured, and here is WINDBG report...

I don't know much about this, but my eyes caught this...



Now I have no idea is this caused by graphic card, or graphic driver, or maybe faulty ram or something, but it says registry.

Knowing this (means BSOD) happened ONCE on toggling prefered display on Display 2 and every other time AMD Driver crashed, as I forced it (did same thing) many times to try to see if BSOD will occur again (no luck, it happened only once) and every other time AMD driver crashed.

Can someone give some light on this please...


The error you receive is most likely caused by the driver. I recommend you share your GPU-connected TV and monitors and system details with AMD.


Do a clean driver installation with DDU. Use Windows Safe Mode with DDU to remove old drivers. Then install the latest display driver. Then download and run Furmark. Start Furmark program for 800x600 without AA. Then run Furmark CPU Burner. Test your system for about 20 minutes. If your system is OK, you should complete this test without any error. If you can complete the test but display errors exist, you'll need to specify a program. Running a game with Chrome for example can cause similar problem. Watch multiple videos at the same time, etc ... You should specify what is the error while doing.


Thanks for the answer.

So let me explain how problem started in details... 

Day before error I downloaded and installed windows 10 1909 Update.

Note that pc left needing restart to finish this update.

Next day I did had few tabs openned and played videos, and one of them i tried switching to full screen and changing time of the video, than I get black out for few seconds, it was caused by two amd driver crashes.

It was novembar release 19.11.1 i think.

Yesterday i restarted and updated windows 10 1909, used ddu and installed 19.12.3 driver.

Than bsod occured once and amd driver crash every time in scenario explained above.

Im device manager Samsung TV was discovered as media device, and only main display was shown with full name under monitors (my Asus monitor).

Than after i wrote post before this, for some unknown reason to me, Windows 10 1909 decide to remove name of Asus under monitors in device manager, and showed it as generic pnp monitor, than suddenly in short time another generic pnp monitor showed in same place.

And now no above error, nor AMD crash.

Possibility is, as you said first crash occured by many tabs and many videos, or it could also be hanging windows update that needed restart.

And second one was because windows did not wanted to add tv as monitor in its registry or something like that, but suddenly it get smart by itself, and i remember it asking also once to restart to install some bus device, but the problem persisted after restart in time it asked the thing about bus needs restart to install.

However, right now no problem, just my both monitors are show as generic pnp monitors instead names in device manager, while in settings names are shown and also in amd settings i can see names.

This is mistery because i remember clicking scan for hardware changes in device manager, but windows still did not seen tv as monitor and rather as media device, until it sorted it out suddenly all alone.

So, ok, maybe we can blame windows for second time, under second circumstances, but what about first one with many tabs of videos?

Also I dont think I need furmark test, because i run cod mw, which stress GPU to 80c and 100% usage all the time, as well as other parts get big usage and temperature raise drasticaly, and i didnt experience any crash.

I play this game since i got pc, and i also played last night with 19.12.3 and all went fine too.

Why would amd crash on simple video and not under load of cod mw is really out of logic, but i think switching to full screen often is something amd dislike.

If you have any clues please do share them, because I would like to know what actually happened both of the times?


Disable GPU hardware acceleration for Chrome. This kind of crashes may prevent this solution. You should also report these errors to AMD. Running multiple monitors at the same time may cause similar errors.