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AMD RX 5700 - no screen output while booting through 4K audio reciever.

Since purchasing this Card and replacing my RX580 i havent really been able to get anything to come up on screen when my PC boots unless I remove the HDMI cable from my Yamaha Reciever and plug it straight into me TV, obviously this is very annoying.

I can still get into the BIOS as it responds to key presses even though the screen is black. I tried the HDMI port and all of the display ports using an adapter, this was working fine with my RX580.

Any idea what could be going on here, none of my settings have changed since I upraded and I see no option in the BIOS of my board to select which outpt to default to, but I suspect that is not the issue as like I say it outputs fine if I plug my TV directly into the card.

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