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Journeyman III

AMD RX 560 drivers crashing and going into safe mode

So I've been going through this issue for a while. Basically whenever I'm playing something, My screen randomly freezes and then goes black, after that It shows me the following image below. And then the software says the drivers crashed due to an unexpected error and after two seconds it says the drivers have gone into safe mode and I have to restart windows in order for the drivers to run again. I can't access the adrenaline software when it gets into safe mode. Is there any fix for this cuz its getting annoying lately. Also my friend has an RX 580 and he has exactly the same issue as bro.jpg

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Journeyman III

I am also having this issue with my RX 560. Happens randomly while playing something and nothing I try seems to fix it.


I actually ended up solving this (I think) by uninstalling the driver in safe mode with DDU, and then reinstalling 22.8.2 which is the last version that hasn't really been giving me any issues.

Not sure if I really solved the problem tbh but I haven't had random driver crashes.

On aging cards like the RX 560 and RX 580 which are on the verge of being relegated to legacy support, it may be likely that newer Adrenalin driver versions are not fully regression tested with older hardware.

In this case using the last known good driver may be the only recourse until the graphics hardware can be upgraded.

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  1. Run DISM and SFC to repair corrupt Windows core files:
  2. Use DDU and/or AMD Cleanup Utility to uninstall your current GPU drivers
  3. Reinstall your current drivers and re-test
  4. If #3 doesn't work and you need the latest drivers, repeat #2 and reinstall using "Drivers Only" or "Minimal Install"
  5. If #4 doesn't work, repeat #2 and try an older version.
  6. If nothing works, consider a Windows reinstall. Clean is preferable, but you'll have to decide what's right for you:

On suggestion no. 6, clean reinstall, I would suggest doing it on a separate harddrive and keeping your current system drive intact. A clean install may not actually cure AMD driver issues and then you're sat with a ton of unnecessary work reactivating apps and downloading games.

I tried to cure my AMD black screen issues with clean installs of both Windows 10 and 11. Neither worked as both went into black screens as soon as I installed any AMD driver. Therefore, I was very lucky to still have my full system drive intact. I just swapped the graphics card using DDU and left the offending GPU in a box for the time being.