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Adept I

AMD RSR on 6600XT external with v22.3.1

I have an AMD Radeon 6600XT in a Razer eGPU chassis connected via USB-C (PC) and DP cables (monitor).

The expected RSR option is not available in the Global Graphics menu.

Adrenaline describes the card as Primary/Discrete/External.

My MSI monitor is not AMD FreeSync (or the abortive nVidia equivalent) compatible.

Are either the External (i.e. not directly connected to the PCI bus though currently listed as Current bus settings: PCI Express 3.0 x4) or lack of FreeSync on the monitor preventing RSR being shown as an option in Adrenaline? If not, what else could it be?


Windows 11 Pro (21H2)
Mac Mini 2018 bootcamp
Intel Core i7-8700B
AMD Radeon RX 6600XT in Razer eGPU
MSI PS341WU 5k2k monitor

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Adept I

Can confirm that my EGPU setup (with Macbook Pro 2020 and 6500xt) is not working either, there's no RSR settings to be found. On AMD's official website, it says that "notebooks with a hybrid (MUXless) graphics set up will not work at this time", which may be the case for all EGPUs since they all have to go through the IGPU. I was extremely disappointed, considering the fact that I literally chose AMD over Nvidia because of the feature's announcement. But unfortunately, EGPU's market share is basically non-existent, so I bet they ain't gonna do nothing about it.

Having read various articles about the RSR release, there are several statements about AMD's intention to support older and non-discrete gfx chipsets, along with competitors, coming soon (tm).

I do hope that eGPUs aren't one of the fallen between the cracks edge cases that never see official support.

I bough the 6600XT on the basis that MacOS doesn't support nVidias and as I switch between Windows 11 and MacOS there really was only 1 choice.

It seems that AMD has given up EGPU users. Driver 22.7.1 was supposed to support hybrid setups, but they straight up removed the RSR toggle for EGPUs. This is BS.

Adept I

I'm running a 6600 in an eGPU enclosure and can't see the RSR option either.

I really hope this is coming.

Adept I

I can now finally see the RSR toggle with the new AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022. However, the tutorial somehow identifies my screen resolution as 640x480. And in games, the feature doesn't really work either, with no "green tick" indicator when I press Alt+R either. This makes me believe that they never fixed RSR for EGPUs and only enabled the toggle by mistake. 

But I'm only using my internal display at the end of the day. Can somebody please check if the feature is effective with EGPUs hooked up with external displays? Thanks in advance!


Same issue with an external display.

The tutorial does identify the correct screen resolution of my external display instead of 640x480 I also get on the internal, but still no green tick when I use less than that.

I’m in exactly the same position, 6600XT to share between Mac and Windows and the May 2022 driver. Really hope they do fix this.


I got it working!! External display only, but good enough for now.

The sentence

> However, notebooks with a hybrid (MUXless) graphics set up (where a discrete GPU is present but the display is driven by the integrated graphics) will not work at this time.

got me thinking about what GPUs I have active on my MacBook.

For XConnect support I use a config with rEFInd to connect my iGPU to Windows. This makes my system a hybrid graphics; AMD Radeon software reports ‘AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (Primary/Discrete/Hybrid)’.

Booting the system to macOS to reconnect the internal dGPU and restarting without the rEFInd hack makes the AMD Radeon software report ‘Primary/Discrete’ without the ‘Hybrid’ part. Suddenly it all works perfectly! …providing it’s outputting to the external display, since I had to disconnect the iGPU so no XConnect.


You may have been the very first person to use RSR on an EGPU, congratulations!

Sadly I have a 13-inch MBP, so no disabling the IGPU for me... It's pretty hilarious that it's been two months since the feature's release, yet AMD still doesn't give enough crap about EGPU users to add a simple condition check.

Anyways, would you please do some benchmarking and see if you're indeed getting performance gains? Thanks!


Unfortunately the game I’m playing now is Hitman 3 and I’m CPU limited on that at any resolution. I only have one game installed at a time so for now I don’t have any improvements to speak of, but I’m close to completing the game and I look forward to it on Dirt Rally 2.


This appears to be working for me now with no special setup from 22.5.2.

All games I was playing at 1440p I can now launch the overlay (alt+r) and enable super resolution to upscale to 4k 


May I ask what your laptop is and whether you're using an external monitor?


Mac mini 2018 with 6600 in a Lenovo booststation egpu, and a 4k / 60Hz monitor.

Adept I

I have it working on my Mac Mini 2018 with Windows 11 Bootcamp and my Razer eGPU with a 6600XT on Adrenaline 22.8.2 drivers.

About bloody time.