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Journeyman III

AMD ReLive Recordings no longer work on Windows Movies & TV Default App

After February 18, 2019 all my recordings no longer properly play on Windows Movies & TV, the default playback of Windows 10.

The videos still play, but no audio comes out. Also, if I try to use the TRIM feature within the app I get the following error when saving a new file: "It looks like you don't have permission to save changes to this file."

The videos do playback audio and let me save the file using the VLC app. But audio and saving does not work in the Windows Movies & TV default app.

I did a clean install on my machine thinking it was some permissions issue, but the problem persisted. 

I downgraded to the 19.1.1 but the problem persists.

I downgraded all the way to the Dec 18.12.2 and the recordings are still doing the same thing. No audio and I can't trim in the default Windows app. 

I am on a RX 480. 

I have no idea what changed to make Windows Movies & TV no longer want to properly play back or save my files. All my old recordings still work just fine. Only my new recordings have issues.