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Journeyman III

AMD Relive recording using CQP or VBR instead of constant bitrate?

Same question as title.

Is it possible to implement these features or something similar on AMD Relive?

I mainly use Relive for my recordings because it doesn't hammer the CPU as much as OBS, but setting a 30mbps bitrate for scenes where there isn't a lot going on seems like a waste of space, and I also don't want to set the bitrate so low as to allow the recording to turn into a mosaic when there's action happening on screen, so I'd rather use something a CQP of 25 and usually those calm scenes would be recorded at 3mbps bitrate.

Also, I'm new at the forum, so I'm not sure if I should be posting this thread here, but because it's a discussion about the software, I thought it might fit.

No system specs are required for this thread because it ins't about "feature not working" but rather a "feature request"