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Journeyman III

AMD ReLive questions: Why does it only work sometimes? Are there any workarounds?

I've been trying to read what I can find online, but I'm not sure what's current. I'm also a bit ignorant about some things, like the finer details of game engines.

I always used Open Broadcaster Studio in the past for game recordings, but when I installed the Radeon RX 580, OBS video quality went into the toilet, even though the 580 is a bit better (and definitely less buggy) than my previous Radeon card (RX 480, which I hated). By going into the advanced OBS settings and enabling OpenCL transfer, I was able to improve the performance by a good amount, potentially to an acceptable level in games that aren't graphically demanding. And maybe by ensuring I've got VSync turned on I'd get better results in some other games. Still, what I've found is that ReLive gives me perfect recordings without affecting my gameplay, so I prefer to use it all the time if possible.

  • So in some games ReLive just works with default settings for whatever reason--maybe these are the supported game engines.
  • In some games it only works if I enable desktop recording, but at least I can turn it on and off with the hotkeys even when playing in full screen mode.
  • In some games the hotkeys don't work at all so I have to alt+tab out of the game to start recording and then alt+tab back to the game.
  • Ditto some other games, though there seem to be some that--I think--only work if I use region recording for the window.

I think those are all the variants. I don't believe I've found one that completely doesn't work at all.

It's all over the place and I never really know what it's going to do for any particular game. So I guess my questions are:

  • Is there some way to make an educated guess about which games are just going to work out of the box?

  • Related to that, why is it that some games don't allow me to access the hotkeys or overlay from in game? I thought maybe this was just a Steam problem, but I specifically tried disabling the Steam overlay for a certain game (Domina) and still couldn't get it to work without alt+tabbing. Also, I believe I was able to record Rimworld (which I play through Steam) by using the hotkey (though I did have to have desktop recording enabled).

  • Are there any hacks or workarounds to make this a bit simpler? Things I can be doing to increase my odds of basic game recording just working? Or being able to always access the ReLive hotkeys while in fullscreen mode in games?

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