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Adept II

amd relive not showing when recording starts or stops

when pressing record no notification recording started or stopped . tryed several latest drivers its still a problem card is a Sapphire nitro+ vega 64 i bought new in jan 2019 good card but so many driver problems the past 3 yrs / blue screens new driver black screens new driver green screens , some drivers high voltages some , memory readings wrong  . new driver pc crashes , new driver OC's my ryzen cpu runs hot , you get where im going with this right , i get it you want us to upgrade and buy new stuff but this is crazy i mean a directx 12 windows 11 card and you do this to us forever if your telling people your optimizing drivers for newer cards  is going to break the bank supporting all your cards you sale with directx 12 its not like diretx 13 is out.  i've bought AMD/ATI  only for 25 years . im soooo tired of this

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