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AMD Relive Counter Viewers on twitch

Earler i use Windows 10,7 and many version of amd drivers for my rx560 card. A have mouse inpit laggs, screen issue,etc. So i try Windows 8.1 with latest updates. I test packages amd crimson 17.4.4, 17.7.2, 19.5.2(there were no drivers for my rx560 on windows 8.1 and i use drivers for Windows 7 64 bit). No input lags, no sceeen issues and etc. But i have one issue. Its twitch viewers counter. When you use custom created scene for streaming there were no viewers counter. But when you use standart mode for streming (extended mode disabled) there were counter of viewers. Also when you use extended mode with not active custom scene viewers counter also shown on screen. When you switch to custom scene in overlay  (from other earlier described modes)  then viewers counter again not shown.

Also i tested 19.7.1 but again i have laggs and immediatly i delete this driver and return to 19.5.2.

 I recommend for all users who have any issues and laggs try windows 8.1 with  latest updates and  use crimson 17.4.4, 17.7.2, 19.5.2. Maby also other version of crimson from 17.8.1 to 19.5.1 will be work good but i dont test them. After installing windows 8.1,

1)go to update center and chose dont check updates for windows

2) go services and stop windows update service

3) edit run mode for windows update service from auto to manual

4)then download following packages:






5) install them and restart pc if windows ask it

6)After installing and reboting go to services and run run windows update servies and edit run settings to automatick

7) theg go to control panel applet and launch windows update

8) edit mode from not check updates to auto

9) launch updating

10) wait when windows search all updates. It willbe ~1500 mbytes

11) after installing updates install crimson drivers

Important !!! your video card must be in supported list of  crimson Windows 7 package. I recommend use 17.7.2 and 19.5.2. I think 19.5.2 will be a good choise. If 19.5.2 will unstable on your system you need uninstall it and download previous version.

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