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AMD Relive Audio Crackling

I don't know what this is but Ive never had this. I can play the game smooth like hell while recording. Is when I play it back that I see the way it recorded. I've tried different HDD's and it always records this way so I know it's not the HDD that's broken. I have a rysen 5 3600x with an MSI Gaming plus x570 mobo, 16GB 3200Hz of corsair ram, a 590 black edition video card and a corsair 1000w psu platinum. I use a BenQ with 144hz at 1920 x 1080p. It's a new system. Everything runs smooth. The problem is only recording with relive. What's going on?

AMD Relive Problems on Vimeo 

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Community Manager

Please try updating to 20.4.1. and let me know if your issue is resolved.

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maybe this one helps you 


1. go recording settings . 

2. record your desktop for testing 

3. change the audio channel to stereo or somethin else

4. check in task manager if you got GPU load or not  

5. ?

6. profit !  

Adept III

even random benchmarks on yt now have stuttering audio from relive AMD Radeon Driver 20.2.2 vs 20.2.1 Test in 7 Games - YouTube 


You can prevent/delay Microsoft from automatically install a update, It's real easy if you have the Pro version, by using one or more of the ways outlined here > 

Adept I

Sup everyone, I've actually spent the past week trying to troubleshoot this bug that seems to go away and re-appear at random. You can see SOME recordings(even 1hr+ raw ReLive uploads) come out perfect then the next day the audio stutter surfaces again.

Here's a couple of examples where 1hr+ gameplay vid turned out fine CoD Warzone - UltraWide Gameplay (PC) - 1st Place Solo Plunder - RX5700 + i7-6700k - YouTube  then barely a day later, audio stutter in Castlevania 2: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2 - Gameplay - RX5700 + i7-6700k 1440p - YouTube - I didnt change anything in relive but I DID discover what may have been the cause in the last paragraph below, I can only be sure over a longer period of time though.

I actually had another user comment on one of my vids regarding the stutter & among my suggestions to help solve it, freeing up SSD space alone was enough to fix it for him, when the problem re-surfaced again for me today I discovered another possible cause and also stumbled upon this thread in my search for answers and figured I'd share my findings here as I believe there are multiple causes that can trigger this audio de-sync//stutter which makes it hard to fix without eliminating all the possibilities, so I wanted to share my findings with everyone.

So here's a list you can check;

- Sync speaker & microphone bitrates in windows sound, I'm using 16bit//48khz, I dont think this is critical as long as they match.

- Make sure your recording drive(I use a dedicated SSD) free space is ~30% or higher,,,, near full capacity causes write speed degradation that can cause stutter in the way Relive writes audio, even if its not showing 'red' in file explorer, it could still have slow write speeds when over 70% full.

- Don't start recording during a game cutscene that isnt holding minimum fps for your recording framerate(be it 30 or 60fps),, I noticed my recordings would corrupt with near certainty if I began recording a 60fps clip during a 40fps cutscene at the start of Modern warfare battle royale(it drops to 40fps at the cutscene before they jump out of the plane) if I began recording after this sequence, the recordings turned out clean more often than not. - I believe AMD can fix this with driver updates as the encoder should be able to adjust//VBR for short moments under the target framerate. *Edit* After further testing, it seems to be the torrent 'disk boot service' either causing or aggravating an existing issue with low fps cut scenes,, which coincidentally I had running at random during tests not thinking much of it, after disabling the torrent services(disk boost) nd attempting to record low FPS cutscenes with 60fps set in ReLive, audio cleared up and seems smooth, I have yet to encounter audio stutter again since discovering this.

- Increasing audio bitrate can help with stutter//clipping that can occur with lots of microphone usage during intensive audio scenes - increasing from 144kbps to 192kbps for example cleaned up my audio microphone audio(some corruption/popping) when trying to talk over airplane scenes with constant sound playing in the background, but not 100% since some of the other causes of stutter were active at the time so I'm not certain high audio bitrates are completely necessary, but they can help.

-This one is important: BACKGROUND applications that use HW acceleration AND/OR torrenting applications that use 'disk boost' or have a caching  feature, the TORRENT applications that I'm sure MANY if not everyone uses was a hard one to pin down, in my long search to solve this bug permanently(if it isnt an inherent driver bug that can only be fixed by AMD) I had literally NOTHING running in the background throughout most of my recent videos but happened to forget I'd left bitcomet running for a torrent this evening when the stutter I thought I'd fixed re-appeared. Both google Chrome And Discord(very common user software) have HW acceleration options that may affect relive which is worth noting. A lot of users having audio stutter issues run discord so trying testing with it off to rule out the possibility.

It seems the 'disk boost' service for torrent caching may have been interfering with ReLive, theres an advanced setting within bitcomet to set disk boost to 'false'. Which I'm testing today, but considering many users probably torrent, this is something to check as even though torrent applications are not system heavy, they can interfering with memory/disk usage in their caching method and this makes sense as the audio in my recording seemed to 'clear up' halfway through the video when the torrent would have completed, so either check if your torrent app has a disk boost//caching function and disable it, or keep your torrent programs turned off while trying to record with ReLive to see if we can get any improvement and let us know here please.

I will update the above with any additional info as I test further.

And lastly here's a screenshot of my most recent settings that resulted in a smooth 4K/60FPS video combined with the combination of fixes above and my full specs incase the mods want them;; I'm 99% positive I can re-create the audio stutter issue by simply enabling bitcomet 'disk boost' service and running a torrent while trying to record. It actually installs a service called 'bitcomet disk boost service' in system services along with the software, the option to disable it is also under the advanced settings as a true/false flag.

Full specs,
CPU: i7-6700k 4.5ghz 
Storage: 512gb Nvme(OS), 960gb Sandisk Ultra II(recording), 960gb Sandisk Ultra II(Game installs)
2x8gb DDR4 C16 @ 3000mhz(manually tuned & stresstested)
RX 5700, 20.2.2 drivers.

Sorry for the super late (a year?) update, I fixed the issue a week or so later after driver updates but was dealing with other forums and completely forgot about this one,,  another cause of choppy audio is (lack of adequate free SSD space), apparently running with only ~100gb free on a 1TB drive for a ~10gb recording was hindering performance and contributing to choppy audio, running /w 200gb free resolves the issue(Sandisk Ultra II 960gb).

Just sharing in here in case anyone else is recording with only a little storage headroom as driver updates alone won't solve it. I've since recorded hundreds of videos on both RX 5700 & 6700 XT without issue, Relive is great.

I upload the RAW files directly to YT, Video 69Mb/s - Audio 320kbps if anyone wants to check the quality.

Thanks again for the help.

Community Manager

20.3.1 has just been released and does contain a fix for ReLive. Please can you download the new driver and perform a Factory Reset prior to installing the driver and let me know if that resolves your issue?


Fixed Issues
Frame skipping or choppy audio may be experienced in videos captured using Radeon ReLive.

I tested the driver and I never got any problems with it. So it might be fixed. If I see something wrong in the future. Maybe in longer recordings I will let you guys know. 

Journeyman III

Hi All,

So I am Running a AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT and AMD Radeon software.

I seem to be having issues recording both my in game audio and Mic audio. Currently it is set up so when I press a function key I created it will save the last 10 minutes of game play and it records the game video and my Corsair VOID PRO RGB mic audio fine but not the in game audio. can some help me, is it a setting im missing!??


Community Manager

Please try updating to 20.4.1. and let me know if your issue is resolved.

I will as soon as I get my new adata nvme for OS and SU800 for games storage. I was waiting for my old sata ssd to die and it did this week. Right now I am using the barracuda I normally use for recording so I can't record anything. But, I'll let you know as soon as I put those bad boys on.

just to let you know. I got my new adata SU800 ssd and I tested the new driver and everything is running smooth for me. I recorded for a few minutes on BF5 and smooth so far. If anything goes wrong I let you. 

Glad to hear it. 

Journeyman III

Hello, I was looking for how to increase the microphone volume during recording or broadcasting, or to reduce the volume of recorded system sounds and came across this topic, it did not help me, BUT what I found out will probably help you with the decision to stutter the sound. You just need to disable the exclusive mode for the equipment used, the microphone and speakers that you use, as shown in the screenshots below!
I have an RX 580 and I use the old driver 19.11.2 since the new one works much worse for recording and broadcasting and no one is in a hurry to fix and improve ReLive there.

Аннотация 2020-04-27 204332.jpg
Аннотация 2020-04-27 204830.jpg
P.S Sorry for bad english!