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Journeyman III

AMD RAIDXpert with AOMEI Partition Assistance

Good afternoon everyone.
I am using AMD RAIDXpert (version 3.3.1540.38) on Windows 10 64 bits configuring RAID-1 of 2 (two) physical disks of 1 Terabyte each but they are only partitioned at 500 Mbytes (at half capacity). This configuration is working perfectly.
My question is as follows:

In the current state, I can run AOMEI Partition Assistance software to bring RAID-1 up to the maximum capacity of 1 Terabyte, without having to disassemble RAID-1??.
My fear is that of losing the data that I have on the RAID-1 configuration.
I welcome comments and suggestions.
Thanks a lot.
Cesar Brizzio.

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