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Journeyman III

AMD RAIDXpert 1 - Cannot really delete Logical Drive and get back my disks as Legacy no-RAID

Hi all!
On an old PC setup, with and AMD FX generation, I had two disk in RAID 1 option with AMD RAIDXpert 1 (not RAIDXpert2).

Now I need to move them on different systems, where this situation could conflict, so I need them to be "unconfigured" as part of an AMD RAIDXpert Logical RAID Drive.

I used the CTRL+F option at the boot to delete the Logical Drive (because it's not possible to delete anything in AMD RAIDXpert 1 Windows tools).
But seeing it WRONGLY sais I'd lose my data (when there's actually no data loss for RAID 1), I used to unplug one hard drive first and delete the Logical Drive only for the remaining plugged drive.

Then I could notify that there was no data lost at all, so I plugged back again the other drive (obviously plug out and plug in where made with PC shut down and power unplugged), and repeated the operation to delete the Logical Drive also for the other drive.

Except that when I login Windows 10 again, somehow AMD RAIDXpert 1 drivers still see those disks as part of a Logical Drive and reconfigure them back as part of a Logical Drive.
But now both disk count as part of a Logical Drive with same signrature, so the second disk is offline because of signature conflict.
(Like if I have two different RAID logical units with one disk missing, but with same signature, so they conflict).

So this means that Deleting Logical units with boot CTRL+F tool does nothing: Windows tools would restore it!
Infact CTRL+F boot tool would see the logical unit back again.
And this happens because RAID metadata / signature keep staying on disks, because they're initalized, I suppose.
And deleting Logical Drive from CTRL+F doesn't really "free" them.

So my question is: how do I REALLY get my disks free from AMD RAIDXpert 1 metadata / signature which inditify them as part of one of AMD RAIDXpert 1 Logical RAID Drive?

Changing SATA configuration in BIOS seems to be not enough.
Both clonezilla (for example) and restoring RAID settings keep recognize them as part of a RAID in the signature, which means my disks are not free from such metadata.

I want my disks "back" as they where before RAID, thank you.

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