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AMD RAID corrupting last partitions on disks

Hi all!

Just upgraded my mobo from Z87-PLUS to X570-E. Coming from Intel I noticed the RAID works a little differently, having all SATA ports configured as RAID, not just a few. On the old system I had 2 HDDs in RAID and the rest in normal (AHCI) mode.
My config now is as follows:

RAID: on (SATA only)

Drives: 1 NVMe, 1 SATA SSD 1TB, 1 SATA SSD 500GB, 3 SATA HDDs 1TB

I want to have only 2 of the HDDs in RAID, so I left each drive in its own non-RAID array (as they come by default) and put the ones I wanted in RAID 0 configuration. Now what I noticed while doing some repartitioning is that the last partitions on each drive was corrupted (invalid geometry as specified by Paragon Partition manager) rendering me unable to modify them (move, copy etc). The corrupted partitions were already present on the drives from the old system and they were on AHCI configured drives.
Now what I think is happening is that with RAID mode on the drives report less sectors than they actually have, even if they are not in a RAID array. I managed to fix them by turning RAID off from BIOS, checking that they are not reported as invalid/corrupted anymore upon reboot and then shrinking them by 100MB. Then I turned RAID back on and expanded them to the end of their respective drive.

I read the Raidxpert2 guide and didn't find anything about this. 
My questions are:

  1. Is this normal/expected?
  2. If so, why isn't there any warning about this?
  3. If so, what is the right way to fix this?
  4. What happens if the partitions are full? (I'm guessing some data will be corrupted/missing)
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