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Adept I

AMD Radeon Software shows very high power usage in Task Manager


I have an HP Omen 15 laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 processor and RTX series graphics card.

Sometimes, randomly, the AMD Radeon Software will consume very high power and my laptop fans will run at a high speed. There is no CPU or GPU usage, but in Task Manager, the "Power Usage" tab shows Very high power consumption by AMD Radeon Software: Settings.

No apps or games are running and the CPU and GPU usage are very low. I do not know why the driver is consuming so much power.

How do I fix this issue?

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Journeyman III


Same here with the same laptop, HP Omen 15 laptop.

Huge power usage from the app when I start my laptop that makes it sound like a drone. 

I have to go to task manager and End Task manually every time to stop it.




I kind of fixed the issue. But I do not know what went wrong with the HP driver for AMD graphics.

What I did is:

1. I uninstalled the HP driver of AMD Software.

2. Installed (after factory-reset ticked) the AMD Adrenaline Edition from AMD website.

3. Restarted my computer.

4. Disabled automatic manufacturer driver updates from Group Policy editor in Windows. This will prevent Windows from automatically downloading and installing HP drivers for AMD.

This has solved the high power usage problems. It seems that HP has something wrong with their AMD drivers. When I install the HP driver once again, it creates the same problem. With the AMD Adrenaline software and driver, the problem is fully gone.

However, I still have issues with display brightness flickering in certain games when AMD FreeSync is on. It also happens sometimes when Windows Night Light is active.