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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon software not responding when pressing any hotkeys when Astro A50s headset is plugged in.

I'm getting irritated by this. when I'm in a game and want to instant replay I press CTRL+SHIFT+S but nothing happens. same when I quit the game and press ALT+R nothing happens. yes they're enabled in the software. it happens when ASTRO A50s wireless headset is plugged in, not responding to the hot keys AKA ALT+R or CTRL+SHIFT+S

MORAL OF THE PROBLEM, when I plug in my ASTRO A50S HEADSET, the AMD Radeon software won't work. So any solution for this? As I want to be able to instant replay with my Astro A50s headset plugged in. Is there anything in the setting for this because I couldn't find anything. Just help me please