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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon software not launching when iGPU is disabled

Hello everyone,

So, I am writing in regards to realizing why my AMD Radeon Software is not launching and whether someone has a solution to this. So, I have dual monitor,  both connected to RX 580. So, the processor (i5-4690k) is not using iGPU.

1 – when I go to UEFI settings and disable iGPU, Radeon Software won't launch. Also, when iGPU is enabled, all is working fine.

2 – when I enable it in UEFI, and go to device manager and disable iGPU driver, Radeon Software won't launch.

3 – I can run Radeon Software prior to disabling iGPU driver through device manager, and all is working good after.

Has anyone encountered this? I would appreciate any input. Is there some file conflict I can look at and sort out?

Thank you in advance.

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