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AMD Radeon Software not applying manual voltages when I load a saved profile

I have created a .XML profile in the AMD Radeon Software which I only use while performing certain tasks.  When I load the XML profile in the program it applies my core clock and memory clock values, but disregards the voltages.  It shows that they should be active, yet when I check on GPU-Z I see the card is running at the stock voltage. I tried manual cycling the voltage from manual back to auto, hitting apply changes, then back to manual and applying changes again and still it runs at stock voltage. To get the software to recognize my voltages I have to change the value of one of the voltages and hit apply changes. Now that it recognizes my inputs I have to change that voltage back to the desired value and hit apply changes again.

Anybody know why it is doing this? Ultimately I would like to automate the switch to this .XML profile, a delay, and then launch another application. Any help would be appreciated!

Radeon Software Version: 19.12.3

Driver Version:

Motherboard X570 Aorus Elite Bios F11

GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 590

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X

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