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Journeyman III

Amd Radeon Software memory clock mhz do not match with real mhz

I have a HP 255 G8 laptop with Ryzen 5300u cpu. It has DDR4 3200 (1600 mhz) ram but in Amd Radeon Software memory clock seems 1333 mhz thereby lower memory bandwith. What is the issue?274533397_337775761629006_3583039110243191700_n.jpg


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Open Task Manager (Ctrl+ALT+DEL) and click on the Tab "Performance" then on "Memory".

That will show at what speed your RAM is actually running at like mine:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

My RAM's native speed is 3600Mhz but without using XMP it reverts to the Motherboard's SPD Speed which is 1xxxMhz.

If Windows Task Manager shows the correct Memory Speed then ignore AMD Radeon Memory Speed. It might just be reading the RAM's SPD Speed and not the XMP speed.

If Task Manager is showing the SPD Speed you can enter BIOS and use XMP Profile to make it run at its native speed.


Memory spd is 1600 so it is unacceptable to have 1333 mhz on Radeon. Task manager depict ram speed is 3200. Only Radeon Software depict 1333 mhz. My laptop does not have xmp on bios.


So what does HP support say it should be, are you using their driver pkg.?



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