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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon Settings won't open

Hello AMD community,
I'm here in hope that someone will have some answers to my problems.

I have a HP 250 G4 laptop. The specs are as following:
2.2GHz Intel core i5 processor,

Intel HD Graphics 5500 - integrated GPU,
AMD Radeon R5 M330 - dedicated GPU,
128GB SSD,

Now to to problems:
Until December 12th, the latest diver software for my AMD GPU was "Adrenalin". That driver seemed to work fine in the sense that the AMD Radeon Settings would actually open and I was able to configure it, but no matter what I did or how many times I clean installed my GPU's, some games would just not use my AMD GPU, for example - League of Legends would run on my integrated GPU 100% of the time and disabling the Intel card from the device manager would just cause chaos. One thing I noticed is thit at I don't have the switchable graphics option in my bios system configuration even though I have the latest BIOS from HP's site.

Then came December 12th, and I have a whole new problem. And Update came out, and I was notified by AMD software. I clicked on express install, driver installed successfully, and after that, AMD Radeon Setting just wouldn't open. On top of that, everytime I would try to open it, some AMD process appeared to be using 30% of my CPU and slowing down my whole Computer. I tried clean uninstalling AMD driver and software with DDU and manually installing the latest driver, but I still have the same problem.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank in advance!

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