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Journeyman III

AMD radeon settings resets Power Efficiency to OFF on any game launch

I have an Asus ROG GL702ZC laptop:
- RX 580 4GB

- Ryzen 5 1600


- Win 10x64

- 500 GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD

Updated to latest drivers. I have already reinstalled the drivers with the DDU and installed the official from Asus download center for my laptop model. Problem is, those drivers are as old as Jesus' sandals so I have to install the official from AMD site. I have no problem with any of those drivers except this:
Power efficiency keeps turning off every time I launch a game. I have MSI afterburner and have disabled the "auto erase settings". I know for a fact that AB is not the cause since the problem persists when AfterB is uninstalled. It's not a big deal but it's annoying. Since it's a laptop, I appreciate all the cooling/efficiency I can get through driver management.

Anyone have any idea how to force AMD Settings to keep Power efficiency turned on at all times?

Btw. It only resets on game launch. Computer restart, power off and other things do not change P-E to OFF, only game launches.