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AMD Radeon S/W Alters CPU Settings Without User Knowledge

Tom's Hardware: AMD Radeon Software Reportedly Alters CPU Settings Without User Knowledge

..//..This situation can be catastrophic if you already have pre-configured CPU overclocking and undervolting settings in your motherboard's BIOS. In addition, Adrenalin can override your settings with something it made up itself, impacting CPU stability. Igor's Lab discovered that the AMD Adrenalin software is changing the power limits and the maximum boost frequency of the Ryzen CPU through the PBO settings. It is unknown if instability only arises from users manually adjusting CPU settings or if it happens under default conditions also. ..//..
End quote.

Apparently by integrating AMD's Ryzen Master module into the Adrenalin version 22.3.1
And by doing so manipulate CPU PBO and Precision Boost settings without the user's permission - on systems with both GPU and CPU is AMD.
If this is true, then I don't know what to say but it is a serious matter to say the least.
I for one have under-volted my CPU...
Best regards from Sweden

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Adept III


Come on, seems that IgorLab just wake up on that one. 

"Why does a graphics driver intransparently intervene in the BIOS settings of the CPU and reset manually optimized settings on its own?" 

This is not something new, this functionality has been released since 21.9.1 version. For sure they are some major gaps still which needs to be fixed and also some kind of warning messages, as an example when u click on reset they should warn that CPU tuning will be reset in bios and not just apply the reset without warning and other points that must be improved.

But certainly this is not a new issue. 


Tom's Hardware: AMD Confirms Its GPU Drivers Are Overclocking CPUs Without Asking

..//.."We are aware of an issue in the AMD software suite that is adjusting certain AMD processor settings for some users. We are investigating the issue and we’ll share more information as soon as we’re able." — AMD representative to Tom's Hardware. ..//..
End quote.

I had this a while ago on a much older driver version. Just to be clear, the Ryzen Master integration into Radeon Software has *never* once worked for me. Ever. It doesnt exist.

Basically, loading a wattman profile xml would cause the software to start applying a bunch of completely random settings, and then promptly reset my PC. Upon reboot I'd have stock settings on my 5600X, despite having overclocked + curve optimizer settings in BIOS. Was utterly nonsensical as all I was doing was loading settings for my Vega. This would happen whenever I had tweaked PBO settings in BIOS. I dont even remember how the problem eventually resolved itself either. Doesnt do it anymore. Was the most annoying thing on the planet while it was happening though.

EDIT: nvm I remembered. I uninstalled Ryzen Master and it stopped doing it.