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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX5500M black screen

About a week ago I bought a laptop - MSI bravo code 15 A4DDR-243xtr. I did the Windows updates after I installed Windows 10. Then, while the display card was doing the driver update, it gave a black screen at a certain point of the update and did not come back despite a long wait. When I put it in sleep mode and turned it on, the screen came up and I saw that the graphics card update was successfully completed.

Even though I didn't mind too much because I reached my goal at that moment, it gave a black screen on the CS: GO login screen afterwards. When I looked at the forums on this I saw that doing a BIOS reset might be the solution and I reset the BIOS.

I updated the drivers again but at the same point it gave a black screen. I necessarily downgraded to the 2020 November (20.11.1) version, but this situation annoys me terribly. I would be glad if anyone who has this problem can convey how they solved it.

Note: When I got a screen flickering in FIFA21, I turned off all kinds of features from Radeon drivers, including FreeSync. I am not having any problems right now, but I cannot use and update any features of my video card. I am waiting for your help.


Display Card: AMD Radeon RX5500M


Processor: AMD Ryzen 4800h.


RAM: 16 GB (8 GB extra)

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