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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX 6600XT black screen, hang, crash.


First of all, sorry for my English... I´m a native Spanish speaker.

I´m having some problems with my Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Nitro+ OC.

I´m using two monitors. Main monitor is connected via HDMI, secondary monitor is connected via a DisplayPort to VGA adapter.

At random times (sometimes gaming, other times just in Windows), both screen goes black and I have to reboot the entire PC. In other ocassion, main monitor goes green and secondary monitor freezes, and I have to reboot as well.

The only way I can make it work is using the driver from Windows Update dated 16/12/2021 (Version  30.0.13023.4001). And using only the driver... without Radeon Adrenalin Software. 

Using any other newer driver generates issues (been testing drivers since 22.5.1, and I still have issues with the last 22.10.1). So, I must suppose there is an issue with the Radeon Adrenalin Software or some configuration. It's a pity, because I wanted to use some of it caracteristics (like Radeon Image Sharpening).

Anyone have similar issues or a solution or workarround better than using an old driver?



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Yes, it is currently recurring issue after they made directx changes in 22.6.1

These drivers are in beta and optional for a reason at this moment. We all hope AMD will fix issue soon. There are chances that HW acceleration is culprit for most cases and they promised to fix HW accel in 22.10.2, so let's hope it'll help