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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series RGB LED

I just bought a Gigabyte Aorus Radeon rx 6900 xt. I installed it and it works fine, but when i tried to start AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series RGB LED to change te LED on it it said: Plug in your amd device to get started. I installed the correct drivers and the gpu is connected and works fine. How do i fix this? Also another question i cant find the answer to is: can you change what picture you display on it? and do you do it with AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series RGB LED or something else?

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Adept II

I would imagine you'll have to get a hold of Gigabyte for this since it's a partner card and not a reference card. I have a XFX branded 6900xt reference model and the AMD RGB software works well.
Partner cards are often modified to make them better than reference (better cooling solutions and slight overclocks) but they can also change things like RGB to what they want, maybe yours cannot be changed or you need the Gigabyte software to do it.

Good luck finding what you seek from Gigabyte.

Regards: Jack

Journeyman III

I had also this issue.

Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Master x570, with cpu Ryzen 9 5950X and gpu ASUS Radeon TUF RX 6900 XT O16G.

I contacted supports for all 3 : AMD, Giga-Byte, and ASUS. And the answer (with solution) is :

1- AMD : The software "AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series RGB LED" works for cpu series 3, and is not fully implemented (yet) for cpus series 5 with gpu series 6. As said by the other message, gpu makers push the limits, and/or add more features (like 3 display-ports rather than 2). 3rd party drivers change very quickly, and AMD sent me to both the motherboard maker, and the gpu boosting AMD's reference card.

2- Giga-Byte : on their side, they confirm that they can not (yet) control a 6xxxx video card and its integrated rgb if this card is not hard linked (a small and thin cable) to one of its rgb sockets. And the Asus Radeon TUF 6900XT does not have this feature: only connected to mb via PCI Express, and Giga-Byte cannot access the rgb part.

3- ASUS : solution is with them. If you want to control the rgb, a logo looking like a bat head, then you need to use their own control software : Armoury Crate.

With it (and you can add their AURA software for more options), you can control the light, turn it off or on, change the colours, and - like in my case - have the rgb colour showing the GPU temperature (ex . green <60c, orange <85c, red >=85c)...

ASUS : official Armoury Crate download page 

More and more we are getting pushed into an ecosystem and if you don't take this into consideration, you will have a lot of "bloatware" consuming resources and probably some software bugs when controlling the RGB.

Pick one ecosystem and/or investigate before buying, if the RGB on your future stuff will interact with other ecosystems. Example: AURA will "talk" with iCue from corsair.

But even then, I avoided corsair fans and will avoid a RGB AIO from corsair just because of this, I don't want to have iCue and AURA at the same time.

Some brands will have the AURA SYNC compatible logo which is good if you have ASUS/RoG/TUF ecosystem and want other stuff.

I even avoided the Cooler Master RGB app for Wraith Prism and just connected it to RGB header on the board.


I think the RGB app you will need is something like this, RGB Fusion from GIGABYTE.



The Englishman

He is right. Use rgb fusion from Gigabyte. It works fine but has limited rgb effects. For mismatching software. I run Icue, Rgb fusion, Trident Z family rgb software and Razer Synapse and even have some thermal take rgb fans being controlled by Icue. None of them conflict with each other. The AMD RX6000 series rgb software does not work with Gigabyte yet that I know of.

Journeyman III

I have an AMD 6900XT Founder Edition. AMD_Radeon_RX_6000_Series_RGB_LED software works like a charm with Windows11 but not  under Seven64.

Hopefully LED choice is recorded in card firmware so I managed my choice under Win11 and use card under Seven64 !


You can try OpenRGB. It can control Radeon 6000 series cards and has a 32/64 bit version. 


Tried successfully. OpenRGB works well with Seven and without installation.