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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon Relive does not record.

Hello. When i want to record with AMD Radeon Relive, it does not record. 

I used the latest recommended version of ReLive, it did not work. Nothing happened. Only the cursor had the sandclock.

Then i switched to an older version (17.4.3) and the timer showed up, but at 0 seconds, it disappeared. 

I have an Sapphire DualX R9 280 and a half year ago, i was able to record. (i had an Phenom II X4 965)

Now I have a Intel Core i5 4590 CPU, but this does not matter, does it?

update: in the logs i get these errors:

 Failed to enable capturing pipline output 16

 Failed to init file output. Error:AMF_FILE_NOT_OPEN


I really want to record. 


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