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Adept II

Amd Radeon R8 M445DX Driver Problem (Solved)

Hi, my new computer is AMD A-10-9600p and AMD Radeon R8 M445DX feature. Acer Aspire E553G-T7Q5. The tape on the computer says R8 M445DX. The video card driver was not installed. I've tried it a few times. I've been trying for days. And finally I solved the problem. I selected my processor from AMD and downloaded the latest APU-GPU driver. It was failing on automatic loading. So I tried to manually select it from the device manager and install the AMD Radeon R8 M435DX driver. The system did not accept the R7 M440 and R7 M340 drives and accepted the R8 M435DX. Currently, the adrenaline version of 19.7.5 is installed and the system has become very stable. Offline freeze in fps games ended.

. I haven't tried online games. I'm gonna try to see if it works on them. I'm currently installing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The result will be determined in this game. Of course there will be muscle. Because my system meets this game to a minimum. So I'm gonna play low. But the R8 M435DX driver really saved me from the problem. If your video card is R8 M445DX, try installing the R8 M435DX driver. As I said, you need to install it manually from the device manager. My processor is A-10 9600p. Check if it is the same as yours.

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Journeyman III

hi everyone! also ran into this problem. 
I have a HP laptop an AM-10 9600P with r8 m445dx discrete graphics card and r5 graphics integral. After updating to Windows 10 1909 and AMD Software Adrenaline 20.4.2 in the device manager started to write R7m340 and discrete stopped working in online games. How to solve this a problem, help me plz cause i tried many ways but did not help

Journeyman III

anyone solved it?


First of all you only install one driver:

Laptop graphics update...How to 

"Laptops have different requirements/procedures than desktop computers when updating graphics drivers. It all depends on the processors....either Intel or AMD."

For laptops with AMD processors/APU's:

You do not update the discrete graphics update the APU. This updated driver serves both the integrated and discrete graphics. It is the only driver you install. It is important to know the integrated graphics on some APU's...

Download and save the correct driver to your desktop: 


I installed new adrenaline drivers and now I have 20.4.2 and  in the graphics performance settings in windows 10 does not find my discrete graphics card

only R5 integral for use to start of the game


Did you look in the 'Display' program on your laptop? Switchable graphics has been moved to there..not in the GPU anymore.



Of course, I’m talking about this
Journeyman III

I am facing the same problem. I have an Acer Aspire E15 E5-553G-T9VU and the sticker says that the laptop comes with an AMD Radeon R8 M445DX Dedicated VRAM and it also shows this in the device manager but it shows no activation in the control panel. If anyone knows how I could use this card instead of the integrated R5 graphics then that would be greatly appreciated. pastedImage_1.png

Adept I

Hi. M usin HP laptop 15-ba021ax with A10-9600p , r5 igpu, r8 m445dx and 8gb ram. yestrday saw dis community and registered.

Months b4 i played batman arkham knight with 800x600 res and gfx set to low. So while checking settings i found out that its using only 512mb gfx and card game detected is r5 igpu. And i was using the latest amd drivers. So just to cross check i downgraded my drivers to the 2017 version. Surprisingly game detected change in h/w and was able to play game in 1366x768res with decent gfx (dont remember if its med or high setting) and smooth gameplay though a bit lag was there but not noticeable.

Currently m playing borderlands 2 and metal gear solid 5 - the phantom pain. For both games m getting smooth gameplay and no fps lag. Driver version m using @the moment is of 2017 and further s/w details, pls check the screenshot below.

Q1. Even though R8 m445dx has been utilised 100% shared memmory is not used. Any idea?

Q2. If m nt mistaken r5 igpu = 512mb and r8 m445dx = 2gb. Both tsk mngr - perf. tab and dxdiag is showing incorrect data(screenshot posted below). If m wrong, den wats the actual individual memory size of these cards and how to correct task manger and dxdiag.

Q3. How to find ram clock speed of my laptop hp 15-ba021ax? HP is showing something and amd is showing something else. Both are not same and m confused as wich1 to blieve. plz help.

Srry4 the long post. Screenshot (170).pngScreenshot (171).pngKindly reply to my questions with respective number mentioned. Thank You.Screenshot (172).png


Never buy AMD + HP - NEVER! - Read this post entirely

Let me tell you my story ( English is not my native language so please excuse mistakes ).

On 3rd of August 2020 I bought a second hand HP laptop with AMD.

Below are the exact model and specifications:

Model: HP BA001NQ

Processor: AMD A10-9600P RADEON R5, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G   2.40 GHz

Ram: 16.0 GB (15.5 GB usable)

Integrated GPU: AMD Radeon R5

Dedicated GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M340 - 4GB RAM

I'm not a computer guy, but from what i know a graphic card with 4GB of RAM and 16 GB RAM should be OK for most of the programs I use and some games that are not from 2020.

I manage to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 with no problem, then i have installed Adobe Premiere Pro ( program ) and Call of Juarez ( game ) and the first problem appear.

The game was laggy so i checked the info in task manager. I was shocked to see that my second graphic card has only 512 MB RAM.

I started to dig dipper, i checked my installed driver, i have tried to disable and enable the graphic card from Device Manager, nothing seemed to work.

First thought was that the person who sold me the laptop lied or he took the graphic card from it, something like that :-).

Then a friend who's pretty good with computers came to my place and the fun start.

1. We installed again a fresh copy of Windows 10, made the updates.

2. Installed all drivers from HP site, including bios driver, everything.

3. Go to AMD Settings, tried to changes the graphic card to run on High Performance.

4. Made the laptop to run on High Performance power plan.

5. Install again Windows 10, with updates.

6. Install the AMD Adrenaline program

7. Delete everything

8 Install Windows 10, updates

9. Install HP drivers


Nothing worked. Still my programs runs like s+++ and same with games.

I have installed over 10 copies of Windows 10 ( many downloaded from internet, which i don't recommend but i was desperate )

I think I've read every single page of this forum about this R7 graphic.

Then, on 10-11 of October, I got a notification from AMD Radeon Graphic Card that a new update is available.

I was so happy, thought that my problems will go away, quickly made the update and my R7 M340 graphic card name changed to R8 M445DX and....that was all. Problem remain the same, only the name was changed.

But when I search about R8 M445DX, then I realized I'm not the only one with this problem.

I think every person who was this graphic card in the laptop has the same problem as mine...this graphic card has only 512 MB RAM.

I started again the whole process, read the forum, try every solution I saw, i feel like kingfish‌ is like a friend, I've tried to install the drivers in every mode he explain, but nothing seem to work.

Even if you put all programs or games to run on High Performance is not working. I've tried that from AMD Radeon Setting and from Windows settings ( graphic settings ) also.

The morale of the story:

AMD Radeon R8 M445DX has only 512 MB RAM not 4GB - everything is pure marketing.

HP - i will never buy one with AMD inside

Go with Intel and nVidia in 2020 for laptop at least.

If your laptop has R8 M445DX graphic card, you can't play any games or use many of the new programs for editing.

Below are screenshots from made by my with my laptop specs, dxdiag log and other stuff....

PS: My graphic card name is R7 again because I installed again a fresh copy of Windows 10 and didn't have time to make again the updates, because this laptop will be shut down forever. I will raise money again to buy INTEL + nVIDIA and not HP. 











PSS - This thread is marked as Solved, but the problem is not SOLVED!!!!

Please read my comment above yours. Played gta5, call of juarez: bound in blood and gunslinger, batman arkham knight. Downgrade ur driver2 2017version solve issues.


Already tried that and my GPU had same ram memory 512mb.


Compared specs of ur lap N mine, found that no H/w diference. Only difference is in product/ model number. Not sure if ur lap is a rebranding of mine or vice versa.

So, download gfx driver from hp website for 2017version. Uninstall ur current gfx driver. Reboot. Install the driver u downloaded.Try running games like call of juarez: bound in blood, gunslinger or games suffered with gfx issues with latest drivers previously. Forget about card detected in game settings and switch your lap to performance mode from balanced or power saver mode and turn on the lap charger (for charging battery) to get best output.

If instaling driver aint fixed it, try 2017 driver of  hp15ba021ax (my lap model) as it fixed gfx issues of batman arkham knight of mine. Hope it will fix yours too.


Hi, you mean this driver:

AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver (Windows 10 v1703)

21.19.414.2560 Rev.A577.1 MBSep 21, 2017

Yes dat the one. lemme know if it worked for u. Uninstalled that version yestrday and installed nov 2016 driver to see if it works. will let u know. Please go through this article: 


Hi, thank you for your help, but that driver does not work for me.

I have done that first when i bought this laptop, I installed the HP drivers from their site.

Only thing that does for me is to change the GPU name from R7 M340 to R8 M445DX, but the problems does not disappear.

Still in task manager and dxdiag i have 512MB RAM for my dedicated R8 M445DX GPU and all games or applications run horrible. 

Can you make a screenshot in task manager with your second GPU ( R8 ) ?

I'm really curious to see if your laptop show full memory. 

Thank you once again!


solve the problem by downloading the drivers from the hp support page

updated to r8445dx and r5 graphics

only the interface cannot be opened but the drivers work perfectly


problem interfazproblem interfazsolution perfectsolution perfect




And it shows more than 512mb gpu mem ?


Screenshots time!

@adaxiik You will be able to see them below, I would like to just say one thing to clear the confusion from the past replies from other members that I read while looking for a solution.

I believe you can't just set the linked gpu with the higher amount of vram as the primary one.

Let me explain how it works:

Remember when samsung introduced their android phones, they used to say that there was a mechanism called big:little, which means that the default gpu that handles basic jobs like word processing, videos and browsing is the little or the basic one (in our case it will be the 512mb one)

When there is intensive 3d rendering happening a signal is sent for the linked gpu to start helping or come as a substitute for the small gpu, so it's right there but won't work all the time, this helps in saving battery and prolonging life of the laptop by preventing it from getting exposed to excessive heat for long periods that emits while using the big gpu hence why you can't make it your primary always working one as per my understanding.

and here are the screenshots:















I just saw the problem above my reply and would like to assist in that

it's a little awkward to have a driver for the same company that gives you an error when you try to install it's graphical interface program.

The solution for that is to install the program one by one 

Install the AMD drivers ALONE at first from the official package from HP website as stated by the reply

after you have finished installing and rebooting the laptop then start installing the AMD radeon settings ALONE aswell, it should work straight up if everything goes as planned although I will recommend to do a DDU wipe first so you can get a clean install of the gpu as stated in my reply above this .

Hope this helps, I believe you will face no other problems and you will enjoy your laptop the way it's intended.

next post will share some screenshots for GPUZ and other places where it shows the Vram as 2gb or 4gb according the laptop.