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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon HD 6740M Series unable update driver

Hello dear gurus

first of all im sorry for my bad english usage..

I have AMD Radeon HD 6740m GPU and 15.301.1901-160226a-29990... driver version installed.

AMD apllication (amd crimson i think)  says "you have update, pls do it "and "updates avaible, pls instal". Okey I want too. But i cant instal  16.60.2011-170210a-311199C-ATI(WHQL) or 16.60.2011-170210a-311199C-ATI (BETA). this two driver versions app  says i must update.

When i try (BETA) version driver update, app collapse. When i try (WHQL) version driver update, i got 175 error.

okey i got it 175 error occured bc i have legacy edition gpu. but why then app sugget me WHQL version.
and why i cant update BETA version.

what should i do.


i searched internet but i dont find solution. thanks so much for helps

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Journeyman III

Re: AMD Radeon HD 6740M Series unable update driver

I have the same problem... and nobody knows how to solve that... I search a lot on everywhere... but without any result...


Re: AMD Radeon HD 6740M Series unable update driver

Your GPU card is considered to be legacy and not supported with AMD Driver updates anymore.

You only have 2 choices to pick from, WHQL 2015 or BETA 2016.  If the software is saying you have an update ignore it because you don't if you are using the BETA 2016 driver.

Also the HD6740M is not listed on AMD Download page which means you either made a mistake when you posted your GPU card's model or it is a OEM GPU Card.

If this is a laptop then you will need to install your Laptop Support drivers for it to work correctly.