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Amd radeon hd 5470 problem on hp dv6 3135ek , Amd radeon hd 5470 problem on hp dv6 3135ek


Recently I have purchased an old HP dv6 3135ek with Intel HD and AMD radeon mobility 5000 series (I think 5470) 

When I tried to install Amd graphic pilote I got blue screen

I tried :

- all the drivers solutions and all sources

- replace the atikmpag.sys file in safe mode

- install driver in safe mode

- tried amdvbflash and ati flash but I got fail in test and No Vbios and error read from rom whrn I tried to flash or to save current rom (I unlocked the rom) 

- tried to heat the gpu but nothing changed

- just one time when I install from my computer doesn't crashed but the device name changed to engineering sample WDDM 1.2 BUT with Yello mark

Am confused between hardware problems or software problem

Any new solution or idea? 

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Download GPU-Z and that will tell you the exact GPU card you have installed on your laptop.

IF you do have a Mobility HD5470 GPU in your laptop, AMD doesn't support it anymore with Driver updates. The last 2 AMD Drivers for your Mobility GPU card are from 2015 (WQHL) and 2016(BETA): 

For the AMD driver to work correctly you must have the latest Intel Graphics and CHIPSET drivers installed on your laptop. Also have the latest BIOS version installed.

Here is HP Support download page for your laptop. It only has Windows 7 Drivers and none for Windows 10: HP Pavilion dv6-3135ek Entertainment Notebook PC Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Suppor... 

If your laptop still has Windows 7 installed, then download all the drivers from above link and try installing it to see if everything works correctly.

If it does, then try updating your Intel drivers using Intel's own driver updater and then try installing the last 2 AMD generic laptop drivers from AMD Download section.

Make sure you use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected to remove all trances of AMD and Intel Graphics drivers. Once you install the Intel and AMD drivers then reconnect the internet.

BUT be sure to delete the following folder in your Root Directory C:\AMD before installing the AMD Drivers.

NOTE: You must update and install the Intel Drivers BEFORE you install the AMD generic laptop drivers.


Gpu z show that bios is unknown and N/A in memory and others.

I try everything but no changes

When amdvbflash show that there is NO Vbios that's mean a hardware issue or


If hardware can I do a reballing gpu and what is the percentage of success?

Thanks again for your help


From my previous HP Support link, here is the HP Laptop/PC Diagnostic support page: HP Support Diagnostic Tools – Automated fix for HP Laptop Computers & Printers 

Run all the applicable tests on your laptop and see what it reports. It checks both your hardware and software in your laptop.