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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 5600XT never reach 99%

Hello everyone

I'm a new customer of AMD, and there is something that i don't understand

Whatever the game i play, the GPU never go further than 80%, and he is really unstable, as he change as 30% to 60% sometimes

I've got this result with Radeon Software, and when i watch benchmark for exemple of AC Odyssey, they got there GPU at 99%

I built my computer one week ago, and it could be something that i did'nt do yet on my computer, as an update or something but i think i done all of this things

I know im a new pc builder, so if everything is ok can you say it to me ?

And i tried to overclock my GPU with the core amd app, and the result was worst than without.

Thank you trying helping me 


config : AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Sapphire 5600XT Pulse 

16go RAM

Watercooling NZXT m22

Corsair m.2 M510

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Journeyman III

Try the newest drivers or a previous version of the drivers for your card, also make sure the correct ones are installed.