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Adept I

AMD Radeon 19.12.3 Switchable Dedicated Graphics

I have an Asus Vivobook X512D, with

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx
Integrated Graphics: Vega 8

Dedicated: AMD Radeon RX 540X

I don't know how to change it but for Windows and all, not only few games. Bios havn't the option to switch it.


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The 'switchable' function has been removed from the graphics drivers for Win10 starting with the new 'Adrenalin 2020'. The option is now located under  'Display' of your computer...."Graphics'. "

But i want to switch the global screen. i.e. when i turn on windows, i want to start with dedicated card and not integrated.

If you know how, can you shared screens of this steep by steep? because i speak spanish and my windows are on these lenguage!

Thanks a lot anyway!

Perdón por mi pésimo inglés. Gracias de antemano!


The only way to do that is open the bios..look for Display/Graphics (etc) and set the 540X as "Primary". Some say 'Static'/'switchable'..and other terms.

 here is a instruction from HP...all laptops are the same in this respect. It's old..but still true:

Note that you should check with the laptop manufacturer for a bios update before trying this

Enabling Fixed Mode Switchable Graphics in the BIOS

Enable switchable graphics mode to fixed to be able to manually choose your graphics processor setting. To do so, use the following steps:
These steps and the screen image may be slightly different for your experience depending on the version of BIOS on your computer.
  1. With the power off, make sure the power adapter is connected to the computer and plugged into a power source.
  2. Turn on the computer using the power button and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly until a BIOS Setup utility screen appears.
  3. Press the Right Arrow key to select System Configuration.
  4. Press the Down Arrow key to select Switchable Graphics Mode.
    If you do not see Switchable Graphics Mode in the BIOS or it cannot be selected, see the following section Updating the BIOS to enable Fixed Mode.
  5. Press Enter, select Fixed, and press Enter again.
  6. Press F10 and select Yes to save settings and exit.
    Figure : Example of a setting the Switchable Graphics Mode to Fixed
     Insyde BIOS Setup Utility screen showing Switchable Graphics setting.
Now you can set the GPU setting for high-performance or power-savings manually as needed. For more information about the Switchable Graphics feature on the notebook PC, see How to Configure ATI Mobility Radeon Switchable Graphics.

Error "No AMD graphics driver is installed" may appear after changing the BIOS setting to Dynamic Mode

If the notebook PC is using Fixed Mode Switchable Graphics and is configured to the power-saving or iGPU setting and then shutdown and changed to the Dynamic Switchable Graphics in the F10 Setup, the following error message may appear after the notebook has restarted:
No AMD graphics driver is installed
After the error appears, the display resolution will be reset to 800x600.
To prevent this issue, ensure that the notebook is using the High-Performance (dGPU) in the Catalyst Control Center before shutting down Windows and changing to Dynamic Switchable Graphics in F10 Setup.
To fix this problem after the error message appears use the following steps:
  1. Click Start, type Device Manager and click Device Manager.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Display Adapters.
  3. Right-click the Radeon (TM) HD (AMD graphic adapter) and select Enable.
  4. Restart the computer when prompted.
After restarting, the error message will not be displayed and the display resolution will be set properly.

Updating the BIOS to enable Fixed Mode

Several series of HP notebook PCs originally came only with dynamic switchable graphics. For these computers, you must first update the BIOS to enable the Fixed mode setting in the BIOS.

You are thinking wrong. Some BIOS manufacturers do not have this setting either. This setting is only available in the Windows 10 game settings. The internal graphics card cannot be replaced. The external video card can be turned off, but not as a primary.


No...I am not wrong....and it has nothing to do with Win10 game settings.

Adept I

My Bios havn't that option. Here are some photos IMG_20191230_105125.jpg


I forget these one!



Well your out of luck then....a question..Why do you want the high performance graphics to start with Windows?

Adept I

Good question... I really don't know. I think , i prefer be always on high perfomance because i feel secure about better performance gaming and editing... But now you mencionated this, i think is unnecessary do that. I don't know certanly...

Thanks a lot anyway!

Saludos desde Chile.

Make sure the computer power plan is set to 'Performance' (not Balanced)


The bad part of having the high performance as the only graphics is that if you use the laptop on battery it will discharge super fast....and will run hotter.


Yes! I tried that, and my Laptop run really hot and tested the battery and discharge faster. So, i think i'll use individual setting per game or program who need more power.

Thanks for your help!!