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Journeyman III

AMD R7 370 Series 2 GB problem

So i let my pc install FH4 yesterday, played some games and suddenly my screen got BLACK, screen was still on but black, a buzzing loop in my ears because the game crashed and just freezed with a black screen (sounds coming from the headphones not PC)Then i restarted it and it worked for like 5 hours and then again, black screen.When i was booting the pc, the motherboard screen showed up then black screen.I reinstalled the windows and i got lucky with my second monitor, it.s linked to my motherboard GPU.Installed the windows (AMD GPU was unplugged) i was done and i was searching for a driver, so far so good this popped up on the installer ,,error 173 – amd installer cannot continue since amd graphics hardware was not found.. i don.t know what to do!My GPU was working me!

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