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AMD r7 370 crach problem


I had a big problem with my graphic card amd r7 370.

The problem is when i start any Game it work for few seconds then the screen crash and must restart the windows.

I try some solutions and no one work for me :-

1- clean the graphic card from the dust.

2 - install new windows 10.

3- update windows.

4- reinstall the amd graphic software and update it. (Adrenalin 22.6.1) 

5- change power option in windows to "high performance". 

6- i Clear AMD Shader Cache. 

# But all this solutions don't fix the problem.

My pc Specification :-

1- intel i5 

2- 12 giga ram

3- windows 10

4- amd r7 370 4gb

Please can any one help me for this problem. 

1 Solution

If you are asking about OCCT PSU Test just go to their website and it will show you how to use the Stress test app:

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how big is your Power supply? Graphics cards are wattage hogs relative to everything else.

My power supply is 500 watt coolermaster


I install Adrenalin 22.6.1 and updated it but the problem is same. 


Any AMD driver newer than 22.6.1 wouldn't be compatible since your AMD GPU card is not supported anymore with driver updates. The last is version 22.6.1 or older.

Try installing a previous AMD driver just to see if the problem is fixed unless the Game or Games you have need a newer driver than 22.6.1. Here are some previous drivers for your GPU card:

Try using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected and deleting the AMD Driver installation folder at C:\AMD BEFORE install the AMD driver again. See if that helps any.

If you games require a newer driver than you are out of luck unless you can find a way to run newer drivers with your non-supported GPU card.


I use udd to uninstall the driver and install an old version of amd 2020 version but still the same problem


143watts is what I'm reading for the GPU 143/12  ~12 amps

I would make sure the 12V rail you are using has minimum 15 amps for spikes / overhead. 

Up and crash is pretty typical of a PSU that isn't cutting the mustard wattage wise.

It could be a PSU that is going bad. The R7-370 only requires a minimum PSU wattage of 300 watts.

I would run OCCT PSU Test to see if it crashes or shut down plus also the CPU and GPU tests.

how to make this test through this program


If you are asking about OCCT PSU Test just go to their website and it will show you how to use the Stress test app:

I use occt at (stander adabtive) not (3d adabtive) because 3d adabtive not free need patron.

I load on a gpu 100%  for 1 minute then pc craches then resrart the pc then make the test for 5 minute and not craches.

Then i try Game (diablo immortal) it work without crashes but some lag.

I don't know if problem solved or not.


I forget to tell you occt didn't shaw the power for gpu only cpu


Your throwing Duck tape at a flat  tire.  A skin affect amp clamp in dc is $$$ go get a better PSU it is cheaper and won't waist your time.  your polishing a lemon.

Ok i will buy new one.

thanks for your advice