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Amd R5 M430 missing settings

I am currently having a problem with my amd driver. The problem is that after performing a new installation of Windows 10, I forgot which driver was installed in my previous versions of Windows 10; So I downloaded all the drivers from the Dell website and, in doing so, I lost a lot of settings like eyefinity, relive and additional settings. So I tried the amd website drivers and worse, it does not even recognize my gpu but instead displays amd r5 M330, I tried all the solutions I found in the AMD or Dell forums, but these settings are still missing.

My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 3567 with 7th gen cpu and 8 gb ram and inell hd 620 1gb.

Here is my current driver :




pastedImage_4.pngPlease give me the working solution to get back those settings

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Relive has never been supported for laptop/mobility computers. "Additional settings" was retired over a year ago...everything is contained in Wattman now.

Your screenshots look like everything is correctly installed.


The problem is that when I bought this laptop a few months ago, it had these settings. So I'm really frustrated about which driver is the right one.


As I said the driver from AMD does not even recognize my gpu but instead displays amd r5 M330, is there any chance to find the driver that camed with my laptop the one that have these settings ?


AMD Radeon R5 M430 - Tech 

AMD Radeon R5 M430

The AMD Radeon R5 M430 is an entry level graphics card for laptops. Technically it is similar to the older Radeon R5 M330 / M335 or R7 M340 but with a lower core clock of only 955 MHz

The gaming performance is similar to the Radeon r5 M330 and therefore in the entry level segment. Only non demanding games like Overwatch or Farming Simulator 2017 can be played fluently in low settings.

AMD Radeon R5 M330 - Tech 

The R5 series also supports automatic graphics switching between the integrated GPU and discrete GPU. Called Enduro, the technology supersedes AMD's Dynamic Switchable Graphics and is similar to Nvidia's Optimus. Furthermore, the M330 can directly support multiple monitors using Eyefinity Technology if Enduro is disabled.


When you install a generic driver from AMD, the designation can be different from the OEM version.

Is this what you installed?

The other problem is Enduro....which is no longer supported. The most recent driver for your laptop would be > version 19.4.3 < AMD Radeon™ R5 330 Previous Drivers | AMD 

Support for AMD Enduro™ technology switchable graphics mode has been discontinued starting with Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.5.1. Users who wish to continue to use AMD Enduro™ technology switchable graphics mode may do so with prior supported Radeon Software releases.


I just installed this driver and it's as I said :



Please tell us what is wrong with your laptop....just the graphics designation? You are not ever going to get the settings you think are missing. They never have been available for laptops. I would stop worrying about it. Actually, the M330 has higher specs.

Good luck