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Journeyman III

AMD PSP (Backdoor inside)

Hellow! Can someone share information, how to fully disable AMD Platform Security Processor functions?

By any, software or hardware methods!

I will be very grateful to you!

Or if it's impossible, maybe advise me any alternative hardware solutions, which is more ethical with their users? )

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I don't have an answer but doing a search I found the following link that has many links from posts in it that might lead you to information. Not sure if this question is really for GPU's? What I found was for CPU's, if that is the case you might want to ask this question in the processor support forum. Anyway here is that link: 

Journeyman III

I just have found the following thread which might help you: 

The real problem is we still don't know exactly what AMDs PSP is exactly doing and which parts are deactivated if you turn on this option in your BIOS/UEFI - there is also no proof that it realy deactivates something (maybe AMD will release some testing tool in future but I don't think so). I'm also not sure if every Mainboard manufacturer supports this option during my web search I just have found products from ASUS and ASRock. Best option would be to remove the whole thing or to publish the whole source code. Another problem is todays UEFI Software as long as you don't run libreboot or coreboot everything is just a big blackbox.