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Journeyman III

AMD Overlay is stuck Can't turn it off

I noticed my AMD Overlay is constantly enabled, on startup and no matter what I do on my desktop. This is annoying as I only want the overlay for gaming. I have it disabled via Performance, Overlay. The overlay stays on always and I can't turn it off. I have re installed the app, as soon as installation is complete the constant overlay is back. I have looked online for a stuck overlay solution but haven't come across anything. How can this be solved?

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (20).png


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Adept I

Same goes for me too. The overlay is on almost non-stop, even when turned off in the Adrenalin settings. It will turn off for a few seconds if I tab in and out of a game, but always turns back on regardless of what I'm doing. It only started after the latest driver update to 24.1.1, but didn't immediately present itself. Things were fine with me until I turned it on once to test some things and then it stayed on from there. 

Adept I

Actually, quick update. Try opening Adrenalin and going to Performance > Settings (the tab next to the tuning options, not the main Adrenalin settings). On the far right is a circular arrow RESET icon. Click that and it'll give you a popup warning about resetting all performance settings back to default. That seems to only apply to the settings tab you're in, not the tuning options. Make note of any customized settings you need to keep, then click OK. That looks to have unstuck the overlay and it now responds correctly, including the hotkey shortcut.


Still a bug that it was stuck at all, but hopefully this gets it worked around for you too.