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Journeyman III

AMD Overdrive cuts clock rate in half for no clear reason

In this scenario (AMD A10-6800K 4-core, MSI 2AE0 mobo, 20GB RAM, Win10 Pro, AMD O/D, I turn OFF Turbo Core Control, and start a Folding@Home 3-CPU work unit.  The CPU Status pane shows 4100MHz, 41x multiplier, 1.3250 CPU VID and 20-22°C thermal margin on all cores, and all is happy.  The machine is otherwise lightly loaded, in particular the GPU.  Later, for some reason, AMD O cuts the frequency to 1996MHz, 20x, 0.9125 CPU VID and 40-42°C margin.  This halves the throughput on the FAH work unit.  I note that the GPU clock is unchanged if I add a GPU work unit.

I don't think this is heat-related throttling as the fan never speeds up and the machine load stays low and constant.  In the Clock/Voltage pane, the CPU Core x Multiplier slider stays at 41x, and moving it does not change the clock speed.  The CPU VID slider is unchanged as well.  To get back the standard clock requires rebooting.

I never thought a feature of AMD Overdrive was to slow down my machine; maybe I should call it AMD GrannyGear.   Thanks for any ideas.

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